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Day of Dedication, 1967
Day of Dedication, 1967

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James E. Yeatman, a prominent St Louis businessman, acquired 640 acres around Glencoe from A.S. Mitchell, who had purchased the property from the original land grant issued to the family of Ninian Hamilton. The property included the 120 acres now known as Marycliff as well as the property now occupied by the LaSalle Institute. Mr. Yeatman had been involved in extending railroad service from St Louis to Glencoe in 1853 which was instrumental in opening the area to development.


Alfred Carr, a prominent St. Louis real estate executive, and his wife, Angela Yeatman Carr, received approximately 120 acres of riverfront property as a gift from her father – noted banker and philanthropist, James Yeatman.


Alfred and Angela Yeatman Carr’s son, Peyton C. Carr, purchased the property from his parents.


Peyton Carr built a beautiful summer residence known as Woodcliff.A� Today that residence is known as Marycliff.
The property remained in the Carr family for 52 years.


Peyton Carr’s widow, Josephine Kehlor Carr, sold the house and property to the Brewers and Maltsters Benevolent Association.A� The property functioned as a clubhouse for seven years.
Priests and Brothers resided at Marycliff for 65 years.


Marycliff housed the Second Novitiate.


Marycliff housed the Provincialate.


Marycliff housed the St. Louis Province Novitiate.
Since 1978, Marycliff has been used as an extension of the Marianist Retreat Center, providing additional sleeping rooms for overflow and for other smaller adult retreats.

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