Our Volunteers

Our Volunteers

We are so blessed to have so many different types of volunteers who donate their time and talents to our ministry. Please follow the links below to read all about our wonderful volunteers!

Are you looking to get more involved? To contribute your time to a worthy cause? Look no further than right here. Here at MRCC, we absolutely treasure our volunteers! Whether you are wanting to help just for a day, for a project, or on a regular basis, we are always thankful for the additional help. As examples:

FOR A DAY: We have established the Four Seasons Work Day Program where, once per quarter, we enlist the aid of several people to perform necessary clean up around our campus. We thank you for your time by providing breakfast and lunch on those days. For more information on this program, click here.

FOR A PROJECT: We are pro Eagle Scout project at MRCC. So far, 15 fine young men have developed and carried out their Eagle Projects on our property for the benefit of all who visit us. We still have several projects just waiting for an eager scout to sign up. For more information about all the projects completed here at MRCC, as well as information about the process, please click here for our brochure.

JOIN OUR TEAM: Perhaps you are at a stage in your life where you are looking to volunteer your time and talent on a more on-going basis. We have a couple of individuals who currently meet this description. However, we do have additional needs at this time. Please click here to see those specific needs.