MRCC Mission and Ministry

Our Mission

With Mary, to engage in the religious, spiritual, and educational development of all God’s people.

Our Ministry

For the enrichment of the Church and the Marianist Family, Marianist Retreat Ministry (MRM) of the Province of the United States offers a wide range of retreat and educational experiences that allow all God’s people to be more open to the actions of the Holy Spirit. These experiences enable a deepening of faith, a growth in prayer, and a motivation toward personal mission, leading to the building of God’s Kingdom on earth. MRM is diverse both in its geography and in its programming.

MRM is dedicated to the following Marianist values, which form the foundation for our actions and decision-making:

  • Community: The MRM strives to build and support diverse communities, both lay and religious, in the Marianist Family. We provide ongoing programs to meet the spiritual needs of our guests (and employees).
  • Social Justice: The MRM is inclusive and accepting of all God’s people., The MRM strives to cultivate a special love for the poor and marginalized, and allows for the sharing of our resources with them. We provide opportunities to educate our guests for service, justice and peace.
  • Collaboration: The MRM requires collaboration among all of our retreat centers and promotes ongoing collaboration among the three branches of the Family of Mary as well as with greater society. We provide opportunities for our guests to experience our Marianist family spirit.
  • Evangelization: The MRM strives to promote vocations to the Society of Mary, the Daughters of Mary as well as the formation of dedicated lay individuals and communities of faith in the Marianist tradition. We provide retreat experiences for our guests in the formation of faith.
  • Education: The MRM strives to shape a hope-filled future by effecting change based on reflection and discernment. We provide integral & quality retreat experiences for our guests.

Adopted by Directors of Marianist Retreat Centers, May, 2010