Palm Sunday Retreat

Friday, Apr 12, 2019 – Sunday, Apr 14, 2019

5:00pm – 1:00pm

The Divine Milieu

PALM SUNDAY RETREAT: April 12-14, 2019     Led by Msgr. Michael Witt

Nothing here below is profane for those who know how to see – on the contrary, everything is sacred.     Teilhard de Chardin

Join Msgr. Michael Witt, Seminary Professor and author of 3 books on the History of the Church in St Louis, as he explores the life and works of one of our finest spiritual writers, priest and paleontologist Fr. Teilhard de Chardin, SJ, (1881-1955).

This retreat will be based on Chardin’s book The Divine Milieu which is a treatise on how to live the Christian life in the modern world. He explains how both one’s actions and passivities can be ‘divinised’ by recognizing that Christ lies at the heart of the world which has brought your being into existence, and which will bring it to fulfillment. One’s being is not fulfilled in isolation, but in communion with God, the earth, and humanity. Everything around us is embedded in the divine.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

In a series of reflective talks on the Divine Milieu Msg. Witt will lead retreatants through a Lenten journey that will help prepare you for the Easter Season. The weekend will include a Stations of the Cross Prayer Service, time for prayer & meditation in the chapel and on our beautiful grounds, Mass and a reconciliation service. Starts at  5pm on Friday and concludes on Sunday at 1pm. Cost $195

 Msgr. Michael Witt is Professor of Church History at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary, and is a very popular lecturer. He was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Saint Louis in 1990. Before that he served the Church for twenty-two years as a Christian Brother teaching in Oklahoma, Missouri and Tennessee. He holds a Ph.D. in Modern European History from Saint Louis University and a Masters in Divinity from Kenrick-Glennon Seminary and is the author of “Saint Louis: The Story of Catholic Evangelization of America’s Heartland” volumes one and two. In addition to his teaching duties at the Seminary, Father Witt is pastor of All Saints Catholic Church in University City, MO and is a great dog lover.

PERTINENT DETAILS:  This silent retreat begins with supper at 5:30 pm on Friday and concludes with lunch on Sunday. The cost is $195 per participant, which includes lodging, linens and meals. Private rooms include private toilets and showers.  $25 Non-Refundable Deposit.

PAYMENT INFO:  We still accept checks as a form of payment, please click “MORE INFO” to download and print out the registration form.

Event Location

Marianist Retreat & Conference Center, 4000 Highway 109
Eureka, MO, 63025

Event Fees

PAY IN FULL NOW – Private Room (Per Person)
$ 195.00
PAY IN FULL NOW – Shared Room for Couples Only (Per Person)
$ 180.00
PAY IN FULL NOW – Commuter Rate
$ 97.00
PAY-ONLY-$25-NOW OPTION (NON-REFUNDABLE): Balance Due Upon Arrival
$ 25.00