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Dimensions of Meeting Spaces

Main Dining Room: 55’ x 34’

Seats normally 65 – 70 with tables of 4 and 6 persons. Dining room is capable of accommodating up to 130 with additional folding tables and stack chairs available.

Lower Lobby (foyer) 19’ x 26’

Can be used as a game area (ping-pong), or as a social gathering area prior to meals.
It can also serve as an overflow seating area for large groups.

Small Conference Room, Lower Level, 22’ x 26’

Ideal for groups of 8 – 12. Can seat up to 20. Features plush sofas for breakout sessions, small conference table and chairs. Can also be set up as a small dining room.

Main Conference Room, Upper Level 56’ x 45’

Can seat from 45 – 110 conferees depending upon seating configuration. Features include comfortable upholstered conference chairs for presentations, four tables seating four persons each for small group activities, and 14 comfortable chairs around the perimeter with coffee tables and reading lamps for individual study or informal conversation. The Main Conference room is well equipped with audio-visual electronics, PowerPoint capabilities, large whiteboard, lectern, etc.

Main Lobby (Foyer), Upper Level 45’ x 18’

Normally used for arrival and registration of retreatants, and as a gathering area prior to chapel services or conference programs. Features include a living room type seating area for relaxing or small group discussions.

Chapel, Upper Level 45’ x 37’

Normally set up for seating 50 worshippers in upholstered chairs. Capable of double that number with additional chairs. Features include beautiful stained glass windows, a well equipped sacristy, and a good audio system.

Private Chapel, Adjacent to Main Chapel, 10’ x 21’

Seating for six with kneelers. Used for private worship and prayer.

Visit the Floor Plans page to see the approximate location of each meeting space.