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Schnucks e-scrip Program

You can generate contributions to the Retreat Center when you shop at Schnucks by
having them swipe your e-scrip card. Here’s how it works. You can pick up an e-scrip
card at the courtesy desk of any Schnucks store (or call us and we’ll send you one). The
card instructs you to call an 800 number to activate your card. You will be asked to
designate the charitable organization you would like to benefit with your purchases. Of
course you will answer “The Marianist Retreat and Conference Center” You can give
them our Group ID# 500042498. As soon as your card is activated, you simply present it
each time you checkout. They scan it, and, depending upon the amount of your
purchases, from 1% to 3% of that amount will be donated by Schnucks to the Retreat
Center. There is absolutely no cost to you